Henry T. and Mattie Elliott Grier

Henry Thomas Grier and Mattie Elliott wedding picture 1879

Henry T. Grier is the son of Ezekiel and Dorcas Grier. He was born in 1853 in Barnesville, Ohio. He married Mattie Elliott in 1879 and they had a farm in Andover, just outside of Witchita, Kansas. They had seven children, but only five lived to adulthood. Their children are: Ralph, Clyde (died young), Ethel, Mabel, Carl, Lola (died young), and Virgil. Mabel is the mother of John D. Groom, the father of Cheryl Groom Merrick and Jim Groom. Mattie died in 1913 and in 1922 Henry T. Grier married Frances Allison.

Ralph, Mattie, Ethel, and Henry T. Grier about 1885 at Grier homestead in Andover, Kansas

Mabel Grier about 10 years old 1897
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