Life of Corwin Peter and Mabel Grier Groom by Mike Groom

Corwin Peter Groom
Born: 11 Nov 1883 in Sergeant, Nebraska
Death: 10 May 1960 in Pocatello, Idaho
Burial: Pocatello, Idaho

Corwin Peter Groom was born on November 11, 1883 on farm in Sergeant, Nebraska. As a boy he attended local schools. In 1906 he enrolled in medical school at the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky and attended that institution for two years. There after, he transferred to Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, graduating in 1909.

Corwin Peter Groom and Mabel Grier were married in Andover, Kansas on December 30, 1908. Following completion of medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, the couple moved to Afton, Wyoming in 1909 where Corwin Peter was connected as the staff physician during the construction of the Palisades Reservoir Dam. He also maintained a private practice in Afton and was proprietor of the Star Valley Pharmacy. Two children were born in Afton: Kathryn Groom (b. January 5, 1911-died 1983) and Corwin Elliot Groom (b. July 5, 1913-died June 14, 1980). The 1910 Federal Census Records record Corwin Peter Groom in Afton, Wyoming.

The family relocated to Rupert, Idaho in 1914 where Corwin Peter maintained a private practice. Two children were born in Rupert: Mollie Lou Groom (b. April 15, 1916-died 1987) and Francis Groom (b. May 10, 1921- 1988). The 1914 World War I Civilian Draft Registration lists Corwin Peter Groom in Minidoka County, Idaho. During this same period, Louis and Mollie Groom (Corwin Peter's parents) moved to Rupert from Kansas and had a farm. Louis Groom died in Rupert from pneumonia on October 6, 1927. He is buried in the Rupert cemetery. Virgil George Grier, a brother of Mabel Grier Groom, also moved to Rupert, Idaho and was a dentist in practice. He died in 1940 from Leukemia and is buried in Pocatello. Following the death of Louis Groom, Molly Waldeck Groom returned to Wichita, Kansas to live near her daughter, Clarinda, Mrs. Wallace Mason. Molly died on February 4, 1936 and is buried in Andover, Kansas.

In 1923, the C.P. Groom family moved from Rupert to Pocatello, Idaho where Corwin Peter was in private practice. During the 1920's, the family purchased a cabin on Hebgen Lake in Montana, near West Yellowstone. John Donald Groom, was born on January 18, 1929 and adopted by the family.

Corwin Peter and Mable Groom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Pocatello on December 20, 1958. A write up of this anniversary appears in the January 4, 1959 Idaho State Journal on page 16. Mable's bother, Ralph, attended the anniversary.

Mabel Grier Groom died of cancer on Sunday, December 27, 1959 at age 73. Her obituary is published in the December 28, 1959 Idaho State Journal. Corwin Peter died of a heart ailment and diabetes on Tuesday, May 10, 1960 at age 76. His obituary is published in the May 11, 1960 Idaho State Journal. Corwin Peter and Mabel Groom are buried in Pocatello at the Mountain View Cemetery in lot E-44. Note that Corwin Peter designed the tombstone, which incorporates the medical staff symbol and mason insignia.